Knog | The Milkman Combo

Knog introduces the Milkman Combo bike lock, perfect for road riders and those cafe commutes.

The Milkman Combo is a retractable, keyless, steel cable lock that’ll loop around your bike frame and any bolted- down fat-ass post, locking simply and swiftly but compact enough to fit in your back pocket. Best used for café convenience. Just as pocketable as the original Milkman, but without the key.

Technical Specifications:
• Rotating dial lock barrel, with 10,000 unique combinations
• 900mm retractable steel cable with translucent PVC outer
• Weighs 132 grams
• Size: 75 x 75 x 20 mm (slips easily in to your pocket)
• Braided steel cable. Zinc die-cast latch with polycarbonate casing
• Body: Injection-moulded polycarbonate
• Color Range: Black, Indigo, Red, White


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