Introducing the 2015 Speedvagen Urban Racer

Here’s something new from Speedvagen for all you urban racers out there… introducing the SV Urban Racer.

There’s a place for the commuter mule or the grocery-getter in every stable. The Urban Racer is neither of those things. It’s lightweight, nimble and the riding position is dialed to race, not cruise. Like any bike we make, we’ve hit every nook and cranny with a critical eye. The integrated chain guard is functional, sexy and made of super light stainless tubing. The wheel and tire size (650b x 42) make this bike feel like you can ride it through a brick wall. And the coaster brake was deliberately chosen for its utter lack of complication, leaving you free to focus on building speed & spotting jumps.

• • • • • • • • • •

I used to think that a bike for getting around town could be as heavy as it needed to be and if that meant it had more utility (lights, racks, integrated everything), then the heavier the better. While there’s a place for the mule, or grocery-getter in every stable, what I’ve gravitated toward with this new bike is fun. A light bike that has some good volume to the tires, has a minimalist, modern, sexy design and above all is something that I totally want to SHRED on.

I started putting pen to paper in early 2014, figuring out what makes sense for a bike like this: super light, minimal, industrial chain guard? Yes. Full racks and panniers? No. For a while now, I’ve been working out the bugs with prototypes I’ve been riding almost exclusively. In other words, red-lining everywhere I go. Riding over things that I probably shouldn’t ride and totally rekindling my love of cycling. I think about this bike when I’m not riding it. I come up with excuses to run errands so that I can sprint across town! And I am happy to start releasing them into the world. – Sacha White


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