Ride with Ringtail

June 1st introduces a new cycling apparel brand called Ringtail.  Oh-la-la… that Breeze Breaker Jacket!

We are two individuals passionate about cycling, cycling apparel, and the domestic production of everything cycling related. With over 15 combined years in bike shops and designing several cycling apparel brands, we decided it was time to create something of our own. Ringtail is what we think cycling apparel should be.

The Great American Cyclewear Project

domestically produced
wearable on any kind of bicycle

Ringtail is equal parts good design and having fun! Inspired, designed, produced and tested in Southern California. A desert by the sea, with multiple mountain ranges rising well above the clouds, the diversity of climate in this part of the country is huge and has helped us produce pieces that can be worn all over the world. From the sea to the summit and everything in between.

In a time when ergonomics are everything, taking a step back felt like the best way to move forward. We wanted to move away from the overly technical aspect of modern day cycling apparel and create something that would still be functional on the bike, without the robotic look of ergonomic cycling apparel. Thus creating a timeless silhouette that is equally functional as it is fashionable.

We are working with a manufacturer deeply rooted in cycling heritage. The people behind some the most iconic caps in the history of cycling and in our opinion some of the coolest kits the 90’s had to offer! Having a manufacturer who understands and strives for the same result in a finished product is absolutely essential.




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