All-City | New Mr. Pink

The All City Mr. Pink just got real pink.

Since the arrival of the Mr. Pink into our lineup five years ago people have been asking “Why is it not pink?” Our answer to that question has always been that it would have been way too obvious for our tastes. However last year, when we produced the All-City X Fulton team bikes in a Bridgestone / Merckx inspired paint scheme, it became clear that we could and should use that template to create a Merckx / Telekom tribute. So here you go, a somewhat Limited Edition pink Mr. Pink. Finally!

Along with the change in paint, come some totally sweet frame updates. We’ve gotten away from the Press Fit 30 bottom bracket shell and have moved to a standard English threaded BB, the dropouts are also new and now feature a replaceable derailleur hanger. Both totally positive changes in our minds. In case you were wondering, we haven’t been able to tell any sort of difference in stiffness in moving from the PF30 to the smaller English shell. The bike still rides like a Mr. Pink.




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