Feedback Sports x SportCrafters | Omnium Portable Trainer

Feedback Sports has created a partnership with SportCrafters to share design and manufacturing resources to introduce the Omnium Portable Trainer.

Feedback will be debuting the Omnium this week at Eurobike. The trainer is designed with a simple fork-mount and integrates internal progressive resistance technology that has been built from over 20 years of proven experience.

The design allows the drums to stay cool, minimizing tire wear both at the races and for in-home use. As a bonus, this technology provides an inherently quiet and smooth ride. The Omnium weighs 13 pounds, and meets TSA carry-on regulations–always an important concern for team directors, mechanics and athletes who travel.

Feedback Sports’ founder/president Doug Hudson states, “We’re fortunate to team up with SportCrafters on this. Pete has 20 years of experience in the trainer and roller business. Having used this new version of the trainer ourselves, we think racers will be particularly happy with the portability and features of the Omnium.”

The Omnium will be available January 2016 through Feedback Sports retailers and online.


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