DKLEIN | Painted Leather Wallets

DKLEIN custom painted leather wallets now available @ Klum House. Made in Portland, OR U.S.A.

This leather hide started out as a blank canvas, then Dustin Klein proceeded to apply markings over the couseof a few months using a paint brush, paint markers, a sharpie, a tattoo machine, an airbrush, a ball point pen, and a hole punch–and probably even more tools than that. What resulted was a large abstract piece ready to become another iteration of art– functional art in the form of creative organization.

The first iteration of functional art to be born out of this handworked leather was our Painted Leather Key Holders. Now we are excited to offer you the DKLEIN Painted Leather Wallet. Ellie hand-cut & hand-stitched these up for you just the other day right here in North Portland, OR.

• Made of soft supple leather that slides easily into your pocket, and feels secure in your hand.
• Original artwork by Dustin Klein
• Each piece unique
• Handmade at Klum House in Portland, OR
• Dimensions: 3″ W x 4″ H x .25″ D
• Slim fit design to reduce bulk in your pocket
• Real leather hide
• Features two slots designed to hold credit cards, cash, and business cards
• Slim minimalist design
• Limited run: until the hide runs out


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