Life Behind Bars | Echelon Messenger Bag

Life Behind Bars is Jakarta’s premiere bag maker, and they just launched their latest masterpiece… The Echelon messenger bag.

Working closely with Jakarta’s local bike messengers, we set out to design a versatile utilitarian messenger bag. Tested and abused by our friends at @WMSwestbike, ‘The Echelon’ is the culmination of that effort.

We’ve always been a big fan of messenger bags for its aesthetic, practical, and quick access. However, with heavy loads and long rides, it tends to tire one shoulder. The Echelon messenger bag is our way of addressing that issue. We add a retractable secondary shoulder strap, that when needed, can be whipped out to even the load distribution across both shoulders.

A couple of additional extendable straps also included on both sides of the flap to secure items that are too big to put in the main compartment.
The floating construction of the tarpaulin inner lining makes the bag 100% waterproof, the bag is tough and durable, built for messengers and avid commuters, we managed to pack all those features while maintaining a clean aesthetic, something we’re chuffed to say proudly made in Indonesia.

• 900D polyester outer layer
• Floating waterproof TPU inner linings in bright yellow for improved browsing visibility
• 32 Liters capacity
• Ergonomic shoulder-strap
• Ambidextrous design strap
• Back panel with EVA foam padding
• Retractable Secondary strap that when used forms X-shaped strap
• Secure 4-way strap external load system
• Magnetic sliding buckles for quick closure
• YKK® swiveling buckle system to accommodate all kinds of body types
• YKK® plastic parts
• Woojin Duraflex® buckle
• 3M® reflective strip
• Lights and attachment loops
• U-Lock holster
• Compression strap that doubles as to secure long and or tubular objects at the bottom
• Heavy duty bottom lining material to repel water and to protect the bag from ground friction


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