162015 Full Windsor | Breaker Cycle Multi-Tool Now Available!

The new Breaker Cycle Multi-Tool from Full Windsor is now available!

Featuring a chain breaker with a tool grade stainless steel pin. The Breaker uses the tool bit extender as a handle, giving you the functionality of a workshop chain breaker in a multi tool. A magnetic tool bit slot is located in the tool’s end allowing the tool to be used like a screw driver. The Breaker is compact and fits nicely into a leather and recycled inner tube pouch. The Breaker is cast from stainless steel using a loss wax casting process and then is tool hardened. It is currently Patent Pending.

The tool weighs just 100g/3.5oz and magnetically houses 2 tool bits inside it’s structure. While the full tool pouch weighs just 185g/ 6.5oz.

• Chain Breaker with tool hardened stainless steel pin (replaceable)
• Glass filled nylon tyre lever with a steel core
• Spoke key
• 3,4,5,6,8mm hex tool bits
• Philips head screw driver (PH2)
• T25 torx bit
• Tool bit extender
• Bottle opener
• Leather (Jet Black or Burnt Brown) and recycled inner tube pouch

You can purchase this tool directly from Full Windsor (UK) or from the PC Webstore (US).


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