Foothill Products | The Offset (Bicycle Wheel Storage)

The Offset from Foothill Products.

The Problem
You’re a cyclist, triathlete, or shop owner (or someone you love is) and you have several pairs of wheels — training wheels, race wheels, broken-wheels-you-need-to-get-fixed wheels. Some might say you have too many wheels, but basically, you just don’t have a good way to deal with them. You leave them leaning up against a wall, stashed in closets, or cluttering your office, living room, or garage. You need a better storage solution.

Sure, there are some wheel hanging options out there, but they’re cumbersome. Usually you’ve got to take a DIY approach. Some are successful, some not so much, but they generally only work so-so, and don’t look much better.

Our Solution
The hanger we’ve designed is better than existing wheel hanging options for a number of reasons. First, it offsets the wheels so the hubs and skewers are out of one another’s way, which means they can lie parallel to the wall, out of the way. It protects your wheels by getting them up off the ground, and the wheels rest on a soft pad to guard against possible scratches.

It also looks, well, good. Way better than a hook from the hardware store — which won’t even work if you’ve got deep dish, aero wheels. The Offset looks at home whether it’s mounted in a hallway, office, or a garage. It’s made of sturdy aluminum, and is super easy to install (it even fits on pegboard).

Get more details via Kickstarter.


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