State Bicycle Co. | Contender II

State Bicycle Co. gave one of their best selling bicycles an upgrade. Introducing the all new Contender II.

We are always striving to reprise and optimize our most beloved bike models. Which brings us to the Contender Series; widely considered the best bang for your buck at State. So when it came down to the reinvention of one of our most iconic bicycle models, we knew we had to bring something fresh to it. We are confident we have achieved exactly that.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Contender II Series got quite the upgrade in the the looks department. The original Contender was gallant but the Contender II’s are stone cold foxes. When you’re done staring, check the specs for premiere upgrades like its new Reynolds 520 Chromoly frame, sealed bearing hubs, and improved rear dropouts.

The all new Contender Series is more than just a makeover; it’s a smoother, lighter and more responsive machine. All the while, maintaining the elements that made this series so enduring in the first place. Saddle up and Contend with the best of them.


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