Balap Liar – Season Two Race One

Balap Liar, Indonesian for “Wild Race”, is a straight out “who gets from point A to point B the fastest” bicycle race. All routes and navigations are all up to the riders. Last year Balap Liar was intended for all types of bikes, but looking at the scoreboards, road bikers dominate almost all the podiums. 2016 marks the second year of Balap Liar, and it now has two different classifications: Road Bike and Fixed Gear / Single Speed. So now everyone gets a fairer shot at the game.

Founded by Reilly “Adut” Mardino of Siklus Cycling, Balap Liar is currently the biggest street race event that is independently organised by Jakarta’s fixed gear community. We are hoping to see a lot more coming, and curious on how this event can contribute on the growth of the cycling community as a whole.


Sadur : Fixietas


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