Restrap Introduces the Sling

Cycling and photography go hand in hand and the good folks at Restrap have created a new magnetic camera strap called the Sling that features a nifty lens cap holder. For those looking for a more hands on strap… they also released a Grip Sling.

The Sling is a brand new, re-engineered camera strap from Restrap which gives photographers the power to switch cameras in seconds, shoot comfortably all day and keep their lens cap at touching distance at all times.

Using insanely strong magnetic connectors, photographers simply attach magnetic loops to their camera body and then snap together the magnetic receivers built into the camera strap.

Switching the Sling from one camera body to another couldn’t be simpler. With additional connectors on each camera body, simply disconnect the magnets by sliding them off and then clip them onto another body in seconds.
A super ergonomic design for all shapes and sizes and highly adjustable strap length allows photographers to pivot, move and bend in all directions without getting in twist.

Thanks to fully secure magnets and military grade materials, the Sling withstands payloads of up to 50kg and excels in even the most challenging shooting environments, giving photographers the peace of mind they need to not have to think twice about their equipment.

Versatility is key, so for capturing shots instantly there’s the Grip Sling. It uses all the same tough and ergonomic technology built into the Sling whilst keeping the camera comfortably attached to the hand and ready to fire at all times.

Wasting valuable time searching for a lens cap will never happen again thanks to revolutionary built in magnetic receivers in all of our straps. Simply attach our universal magnetic connectors to a lens cap and clip it straight onto the strap.

The Sling is proudly brought to you by Restrap. A home-grown, family-run British brand with years of experience in producing tough and innovative products which solve real-world problems. We pride ourselves on our quality and all our product are handmade right here in Yorkshire.

With a successful Kickstarter, you can still get this item by clicking the link.


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