Fabrica Cycles

The dynamic duo of Francesco Barbieri and Paolo Paciucci (Ferriveloci Cicli Milano) introduce Fabrica Cycles.

FABRICA CYCLES are hand-crafted bicycle frames built by the creative Italian duo Francesco Barbieri and Paolo Paciucci in the heart of the design center, Milan. They build bicycle frames together in their own workshop, where Paolo manages the product development and Francesco the sales. Each frame is thought, designed and built to meet the highest technical standards and every customer’s need. Keeping quality at the heart of their work while evolving and developing new techniques with every bike built, the duo expands their creative efforts, getting as much out of every project as their customer.

In their workshop they produce steel frames according to the newest technologies, welding with TIG or Fillet Brazing technique. Even if they started working together in late 2015, the duo have already drawn the attention of big cycling brands (3T, Shimano, Vittoria and San Marco to name a few) including the historic tubing brand COLUMBUS, which is producing special tubes on their specific design that you will see only on their frames.

FABRICA CYCLES frames have a clean design following the newest standards in the bike market covering different cycling categories such Road, Cyclocross, Track and All-Road touring. Following the style of Italian master framebuilders, FABRICA CYCLES can also build classic lugged frames and steel forks, keeping alive the Italian great frame building tradition.


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