Showers Pass | Hi-Vis Jackets with Red LED Beacon Lights

Showers Pass introduces the new Hi-Vis Cycling Jackets with Red LED Beacon Lights

Hi-Vis Torch Jacket – Our Most reflective and visible cycling jacket day and night. The new Men’s Hi-Vis Torch Jacket employs 3 methods to keep you visible on the road:

Reflective Silver MapReflect Fabric on the main body to keep you highly visible to motorists at night
Highly visible Neon Green elite fabric down the sides for daytime visibility
4 integrated LED Beacon lights to keep you highly visible to pedestrians and motorists

Unlike other reflective jackets on the market the Torch Jacket is fully waterproof, stretchy and does not sacrifice breathability for visibility thanks to our new Mapreflect Fabric. Neon green side panels with our highest rated performance Elite fabric offer improved breathability and daytime visibility. Additionally the Showers Pass venting system offers tune-able cooling with core vents, back vent and adjustable airflow regulating cuffs.

The MapREflect fabric design is made up of 11 international cities known for cycling. The streets literally light you up for maximum visibility as headlights approach. In addition to being reflective, MapReflect fabric is waterproof, slightly stretchy and features a brushed lining for comfort and warmth.

4 red LED Beacon Lights seamlessly integrate with grommets on the cuffs and back of the jacket to provide high visibility at night. Beacon lights are easy to remove and the batteries (CR2032) are replaceable. Battery life is approximately 200 hours on flashing mode. .


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