Santa Cruz x MASH | Stigmata CC Carbon Frameset

The colorway reminds me of a Bazooka Joe cartoon, but damn this is a nice collaboration! Head over to MASHand swoop one of these very limited Santa Cruz Stigmata Framesets.

We are excited to launch a new collaboration with Santa Cruz Bicycles. We are long time fans of this local brand, and the cult following of the first Stigmata frame sets. Santa Cruz supports our cyclocross team, and wanted to create a special paint on the Stigmata CC. We enlisted Al Nelson, and drew inspiration from some of the bold graphics used on emergency vehicles worldwide. The paint work on these frames are just beautiful. Santa Criz operates at the highest standard, and the finish work affirms their craft.

Santa Cruz is helping us generate bikes for the team, race entry fees, and gas, by selling a select number of the frame sets, and we are grateful to be the exclusive shop for this art collaboration.

There are 12 frame sets available total, some sizes only have 1 or 2 pieces. Proceeds help support the 2016 MASH CX team racing program. We are have the full kit available from Castelli. We love loud bikes and kits for CX, and Al smashed it with this seasons offering.

This CC-level carbon frame is every bit as stiff and strong as Santa Cruz’s C-level frame, but weighs about 280 grams less, due to the use of some lighter, stronger, and more expensive carbon fiber. Using this material in key places uses less material overall, which is what shaves off more than half a pound from the frame.


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