Chrome | The Welterweight Collection

Chrome introduces the evolution of it’s most popular bags in the Welterweight Collection.

In the world of boxing, Welterweight sits between Heavyweight and Featherweight. Not the lightest bags that Chrome makes, but certainly far lighter than their predecessors. Chrome worked tirelessly with designers and their production team to source the lightest materials they could find without sacrificing strength and durability.

Almost all Chrome bags are made with a super-tough 1050 denier nylon exterior and a 1000 denier tarpaulin liner. Through extensive sourcing and testing, the design team was able to find fabrics that could effectively cut the weight in half while still adhering to Chrome’s rigorous standards for abrasion resistance and overall toughness. Clocking in at 500d nylon exterior and 400d tarpaulin lining, the fabric is 50% lighter than that of the non-Welterweight versions of the same bags.

The seatbelt buckle has been the symbol of Chrome bags for a very long time. The first ever to be used on Chrome bags 20 years ago were actually cut out of cars in junkyards outside of Denver, Colorado. That method would prove not to scale very well, thus the Chrome buckle was born. Anyone who owns one of Chrome’s steel-buckle messenger bags or slings can tell you that the buckle is tough as nails, they can also tell you that it adds extra heft to the overall weight of the design.

After working with industrial designers and manufacturers, Chrome created an aluminum buckle that weighs just about half as much as their traditional steel buckle. Extensive stress and load bearing tests have proven it can perform as well as it’s steel predecessor.

The Welterweight Collection is reflective of Chrome’s constant pursuit to evolve styles through materials and innovation. Guaranteed for life.

View the collection HERE!


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